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Most Romantic Cities In Europe

There is nothing more intimate and memorable than a romantic getaway with the love of your life. Although anywhere can become a romantic destination with the right person, there are some cities in the world that just exude love and beauty. If you are planning on surprising your loved one with a special trip, we will go over some of the top romantic cities in Europe to make your decision a little easier.

Bled, Slovenia

The beautiful resort town of Bled is situated at the foothills of the Julian Alps, where you can take rent a boat and enjoy a romantic evening on the emerald-green Bled Lake.

Prague, Czech Republic

On top of the beautiful structures, winding cobbled streets and statue covered Charles Bridge; it is also common knowledge in the city that if you kiss your loved one on 1 May under the blossoming cherry trees on Petrin Hill, your love will last forever.

Dordogne, France

The area is surrounded by rolling green hills, a beautiful winding river that goes through town and chateaus that date back to the medieval times. The charming villages of the Dordogne valley make the picture perfect place for a quiet romantic weekend.


Venice, Italy

Known as the floating city, Venice is a group of 117 small islands where you can enjoy romantic seaside diners while surrounded by historic building dating back hundreds of years.


Couchsurfing for exploring the world

Most of the people, who’d like to visit a new country, are stopped by the extremely high expenses, which they should face to. Even if you are ready to travel with your backpack only, you must pay either for your tickets or for your place to stay at. The rest of your expenses are less significant. However, you can save some money, if you use an alternative to the classical approach to staying at hotels and motels. Couchsurfing is such an alternative.

It’s a community of people, who are glad to share their apartments with strangers from all over the world. The principle of its work is simple: you just create your account on couchsurfing website, set the information, concerning your apartments (which you are ready to share) and wait for people, visiting your country, to apply for staying at your room/house. All of the services are provided for free. However, in order to be able to travel somewhere, you should also be able to offer your couches to someone else.

There are a lot of benefits of such travelling. First of all, you save your money, avoiding hotels and other kinds of rent-based solutions. Secondly, you meet new people, who stay with your for several days. They tell you about their culture, they bring you some presents, they offer you visiting their country as well. It’s a great experience and a nice way to make new friends with someone from abroad.

Travelling can be much cheaper and more interesting, if you do couchsurfing!


Madagascar has been isolated from the African landmass for approximately 165 million years and its flora and fauna evolved in isolation from that time onwards. The island is one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas, and is internationally renowned as a wildlife tourism and ecotourism destination, focusing on lemurs, birds, and orchids. More than half of the island’s breeding birds are endemic. Other native species include the red-bellied lemur, the aye-aye, and the indri (the largest lemur species).

One of the best places to observe the indri is the Analamazoatra Reserve (also known as Périnet), four hours away from the capital. The presence of the indri has helped to make the Analamazoatra Reserve one of Madagascar’s most popular tourist attractions.

Historical sites can be found throughout the country, but mostly in the capital, such as the Royal Palace or Rova in Antananarivo or the sacred hill of Ambohimanga nearby, both UNESCO world heritage listed sites. A popular route from Antananarivo to Tulear in the south passes through several towns noted for their handicraft: Ambatolampy (aluminium foundry), Antsirabé (gemstones, embroidery, toys), Ambositra (marquetry), and Fianarantsoa.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Many waterfalls across America can be easily found and visited, but many of them stay hidden, too, mostly due to their location. It is not easy to count them all, but the majority of them have been discovered and are available for people to enjoy. Shoshone Falls is one of them. Located in Idaho, people usually don’t struggle too much to find this gorgeous body of water. The thing is – it’s located near Twin Falls. No, this is not some other waterfall – it’s the name of the nearest city. And when people travel to Shoshone Falls by themselves, road signs indicating that they are close to Twin Falls often make them question whether they’ve made a wrong turn somewhere. But there is no need to worry – the right way lies just ahead.

Skeptics would probably assume that waterfalls aren’t “civilized” places, but many falls prove them wrong. A highly developed network of trading facilities, stores, services and centers can be found near the falls. In the end, if this doesn’t make you happy, you can simply get in your car and go to the nearest town (which happens to be Twin falls, you’ve guessed it).

People addicted to adrenaline know how good it feels when it starts pumping through your veins. Well, one person surely did know that. It’s Evel Knievel. 40 years ago, he jumped off of a 500-foot-deep cliff with his steam-powered skycycle, which he wanted to test. The device didn’t work properly, so he started falling. His parachute didn’t open, so he eventually crashed. But the end was a happy one – he survived with only a broken nose. And, to honor his attempt, the place where he jumped has become a very popular tourist attraction. Keep in mind that this place is today on private property, so if you want to visit it, remember that you cannot come whenever you want.  Visiting Shoshone Falls and not visiting this jump site would be a terrible mistake, mostly because this place is one of the main reasons why people decide to come to the falls.

For adventurers, there is a lake near Shoshone Falls that offers the ultimate outdoor recreation. If you like unusual sports, then climbing (real) mountains is just perfect for you. You don’t have to bring your own equipment – you will get everything there. Alongside the equipment, you will get your “guardian” – a perfectly trained member of the staff whose mission will be to make sure that you are safe while climbing. Climbing is a very simple sport, but if you are still struggling with it, you can ask the staff to help you with the basics. This climbing center works from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and the only fee you’ll need to pay is the one for a parking spot.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

If you take a drive along the Historic Columbia River Highway, you will see the Multnomah Falls somewhere between Dodson and Corbett. While the Multnomah Falls proudly wears the title of the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon, there is a veil of mystery surrounding its ranking among the waterfalls in the United States. Actually, that veil somewhat covers its precise height, too. The general public seems to agree on the 542-foot (165-meter) height of the upper falls and a 69-foot (21-meter) height of the lower falls. There is also a gradual but significant drop in elevation between the two parts of the falls, which measures at 9 feet (or 3 meters).

Interestingly, the Native Americans believed that the Multnomah Falls originated in the intention to win the heart of an ancient young princess who desired a concealed place to bathe in. Although the story sounds very romantic, the actual creator of the falls lies under Larch Mountain. Its underground springs are the constant, year-round source of water for the Multnomah Falls. In the winter the snowpack on the mountain melts and causes the flow of the falls to increase. The same happens with rainwater during the other three seasons of the year.

If you feel like visiting Multnomah Falls, you should definitely check out the Benson Footbridge. It is a footbridge made of stone and it has a length of 45 feet (or 14 meters); it allows visitors to cross to the other side of the gorge while walking 105 feet (or 32 meters) above the level of the lower cascade. The footbridge was named after Simon Benson, who owned the waterfall back in the day. He is the main reason for the existence of the footbridge today, as it was he who financed its construction in 1914. The same trail that leads up to the Benson Footbridge further goes to a platform located at the top of the upper section of the waterfall. From this observation platform visitors have the perfect elevated view on the entire Columbia Gorge. Additionally, Little Multnomah is also visible from the platform. Little Multnomah is located further upstream from the upper falls and it’s a small cascade. If you’re interested in seeing Little Multnomah alongside the main waterfall, you should definitely go up to the platform as you won’t be able to see it from ground level.

Once you feel tired from all that hiking and climbing (and you definitely will!), you can stop by the Multnomah Falls Lodge for a refreshing cup of coffee and a break from hiking. The Lodge was completed back in 1925 and it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. The architect who designed the Lodge was A.E. Doyle – the same man who designed the Meier & Frank Building. The land on which the Lodge was constructed was donated to the City of Portland by the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company.