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4 things you shouldn’t wear on a plane

If you are going to visit some remote places, you definitely need to use flight service. Here is some advice on what to wear for people, who are going to have a plane flight.

1.Tight clothing

It’s a well-known fact that tight clothes restrict blood flow. As a result, you may feel bad in an already-confining aeroplane space. You’d better pick some natural, breathable things that would make you feel much more comfortable.

2.High heels are not good for flight

We know that your style requires wearing high heels, but you should make an exception. During the flight, your high heels will cause pains for your toes. Besides, you don’t know exactly the distance between the plane and a flight terminal that you’ll have to walk through. So, picking some comfortable shoes for the flight will be the best option.

3.Don’t use perfumes before flight

You don’t know, whether your seatmate in a plane likes the smell of your perfumes or not. The flight will last for several hours, so please, make sure that you don’t wear any cologne. The best option is having clean, fresh clothing without any smell.

4.Warm-weather clothing

The temperature in the plane during the flight may change. That’s why you can’t predict exactly the way you will feel yourself: whether it will be cold or hot. So, it’s better to use some layers. Covering with them allows regulating the temperature of your body more effectively.

The best gift ideas for the travellers (Part 1)

Are you looking for a perfect gift for someone, who travels a lot? Well, don’t panic. Travellers are some sort of special people, who are opened to some new emotions and feelings; who adore discovering new things and getting new experiences. That’s why presenting something ordinary is not the option. Let’s better find out more information about original things which will be useful for any trip.

1.LifeStraw Filtered Bottle

Can you provide a travel-lover with an amount of water that will be enough for the next several years of travelling? Well, sure you can’t. But you still can present a really useful gadget that is able to make any water clear enough for the consumption. We are talking about the LifeStraw Filtered Bottle.

It’s a precious gift for a person, who travels some places, where the people suffer from the lack of drinking water. This bottle is able to clean up 99.9% of all parasites and bacteria. No need to say that after this procedure the water is ready to be drunk.

2.Foldable Duffel Bag

The idea of the next thing that may be gifted to the person you love is amazingly simple and genius at the same time. It’s a bag that contains another bag, which can be detached and used separately. It will be useful when you need to go for groceries or to the beach, carrying minimum with yourself. It’s something like an additional small bag for all your needs, provided with the main bag.

Best travel jobs to make money

Travelling used to be considered as a way to spend time with pleasure. But at the same time, it’s an opportunity to earn some money if you are interested in this. Here we’d like to provide you with some effective ways to make some cash even if you are visiting foreign countries.

1.Expat jobs

Expat jobs (‘expat’ is for ‘expatriate’) are the kind of jobs which require you to work in some foreign country, while you remain as a citizen of your own country. For example, it’s a really cool way to become an English teacher or a nanny or be invited in some other service or company to help people. Expat jobs are also pretty popular in the sphere of tourism.

2.Digital business

You may become a person, who is involved in digital business in some way. For example, you are working as a freelancer, doing some writing/coding/designing, etc. Also, the example for digital business may be your website or your agency or some other source of generating income.


These are the people who also have various ways of generating income. However, they are not involved in the ‘digital’ niche, doing some other kind of work. For example, a foreigner, who is a street musician or a vendor is a great example of vagabonds.

Best jobs

There are some really cool jobs for those, who used to live travelling. Being a bartender, a travel tour guide, a fitness instructor, or a massage therapist may really bring you some cash for your additional expenses.

Useful tips for making great photos while travelling

Photography is one of the most popular kinds of art. It is literally everywhere around us, starting from the ads on the streets and ending with the social networks. Making good photos is a precious skill, which is fully appreciated by people. If you are a photographer, who manages to do some cool pictures, you and the results of your work may be appreciated by people even more. In this article, we’d like to tell you more about the way to make really great photos in your trip.

So, the first thing you should realize is that waking up early is necessary for taking the best photos. If you are a photographer, you should know that it’s all about the light. Morning sun is perfect for making the ‘right’ colour atmosphere of your pictures. So don’t miss it, lying in bed!

The same thing relates to the evening pictures – as a rule, they are also the best ones.

The second advice concerns making a small research of the place where you go to. Before coming anywhere, you should read some information about this place first. Another great way to find out more about this is asking your friends and reading some forums, blogs or reviews. It will allow you to understand, where is the best place to make the best photo.

Another interesting tip for making great pictures is learning someone other’s photos, posted on Instagram and Google Image Search. It may inspire you for creating some new colourful images for your project.

Use bloggers to find out more

When we talk about getting more information about any place, we mention some locals in most of times. We mean meeting an ordinary person, asking him or her about the way of their living, ask them to show some interesting places in their city, etc. In the most cases talking to locals is the riches source of a knowledge for travellers.

On the other hand, sometimes locals won’t show you some special places, because they don’t visit them by themselves. In such cases we’d like to advice you to stick to some blogger, who is familiar with the city much better. These people will be able to tell you much more anyway!

Most of the travelling tips don’t mention this, but contacting the bloggers is a great way of learning something extraordinary. They are also familiar with some social problems, their scales and reasons. And, frankly speaking, contacting with a blogger may be better for you due to the simplicity of the way to find and ask them. All you need to do is writing to a person before you arrive there. In most cases they’ll agree with you to have a cup of coffee and chat a little in some coffeeshop.

The great benefit would be having a blog, running by you. If you’ve got such one, your meeting would be even more productive! You could make a guest posts in your blogs, or exchange with some links, tips or experience in your blogging practice. So that it’s much better, than just asking locals!