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How to protect your valuable things during the trip

While going on the trip, we take some valuable things, like electronics, documents, and some travelling gears, with us. In order to protect them from stealing, we’d like you to read these simple tips. They are rules, which will make your trip safer.

1.Sleep carefully

While sleeping, take all of the valuable things you have with you. Passport, money, memory cards – these things must be always present close to you. So that nobody could take them while you are asleep.

2.Split your money

You know the proverb: “Don’t keep your eggs in one basket”… The same principle should be followed with your money reserves during your trip. Split all of the money you have into different stashes so that losing one of them won’t bring you huge problems.

3.Lock your bag

Today there are different ways to keep your backpack locked. A PacSafe locker is a good example of such a solution. It makes your bag a perfect place for placing your valuable things.

4.Remember about your personal secure

There are some basic tips, related to your personal secure, which you should always follow. They include such rules, like ‘don’t walk alone in unfamiliar places’, ‘don’t book a room in the unfamiliar hotel without reviews’, ‘don’t give your backpack to anyone’ and so on.

While travelling, you meet many unfamiliar people, who you should communicate with. Some of them may be interesting and useful for you, while others may bring harm to you. So, be careful and attentive – and have a nice trip.

Protect your skin while travelling

When you go into a trip, you don’t think about the protection of your skin, as a rule. You think about some clothes, some most-needed things, some medicines and so on. However, protecting your skin from the sun radiation is no less important task, especially if you are going to visit some hot countries with sunny weather.

The sun radiation is everywhere. Even in the cloudy weather, some radiation rays access our planet, affecting our body and our skin.

Scientists claim that there may be different results of sun affection on our skin. From aging processes to cancer – all of these problems may be caused by the sun. It’s especially dangerous if you have a light skin – the most vulnerable skin type. However, it’s so simple to protect your skin – just use sun protection on your journey!

Any sun protective spray has its own SPF-value. It shows the level of protection, measured in the value between 10-15 to 85-90. The higher this value is – the more protected your skin will be.

Different experienced travel bloggers advice to take sun protection anywhere you go. It takes just a few minutes to put spray or cream on your face and be sure, that you won’t get burned. The SPF level should be picked according to the type of a skin you have,the higher it is – the higher your cream sun protection factor should be. Following this simple rule will save your face skin on any trip!


Top-3 best travel movies to watch

Travelling is a great way to spend your time and enjoy some new emotions. But you don’t have always enough time/opportunities/desire for this. For those, who prefer visiting some new places without leaving your sofa, a list of the best filming movies is presented. Let’s find, which films you should watch next time.

1.The Motorcycle diaries

The first movie you should definitely watch next time is ‘The Motorcycle diaries’, which is a story about two medical students. They are the travellers, who have a motorcycle trip, lasting for about 5 months. They run across South America for training their medical skills, volunteering and helping people. This film brings much joy for those, who are interested in adventures and new places.

2.Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This film tells us the story of an introverted person, who realises, that his life is too boring. He quites his job and moves to the trip from Iceland to Afghanistan. On his way, Walter meets new people, enjoys incredible landscapes and gets new challenges. This film has a great inspirational effect on everyone.

3.A Map for Saturday

It’s a classical travel movie, which is filmed as a documentary. It shows us a man, who quites his job as well for travelling around the world. Some different ways of travelling are mentioned in this picture, which is a great inspiration for those, who are still dreaming about changing their life and devoting it to visiting other countries.

Shark diving on Fiji

Have you ever dreamed of diving with sharks? Imagine yourself swimming with these monsters, as we used them to think of. However, the real divers claim, that it’s not more dangerous than walking with a dog or lying under the sun. Here how they do it.

The most popular tourist attraction, related to sharks, is diving in a special cage. However, in this article we are talking about the ‘free’ diving, without any equipment, that could separate you and a shark. As tourists claim, you have your own fears and a little bit of food, in order to feed the sharks. Here, in Fiji, you can meet either a Bull, or a Tiger sharks, which are one of the largest. Thier length can vary from 8 to 15 feet.The massiveness and the speed of these animals are amazing, as well.

The only thing you should do for such kind of a tourism is exiting your comfort zone. Yes, it may be not so easy to see such a big ‘monster’ (from Hollywood movies) in a hand-distance from you. But the impressions are incredible!

Of course, Fiji has some sad statistics on swimming with sharks. According to the local government’s info, 1-2 sharks attack human each year. Scientists don’t really know, what is the reason for such an aggressive behavior against humans. But, from the other side, the number of accidents is much lower, than with the dogs or insects, biting as well.

How to enjoy your travelling

A lot of people dream of travelling the world. They imagine some beautiful views, amazing landscapes, interesting adventures and so on. However, sometimes, visiting a new place, we don’t pay enough attention to its atmosphere. We are in a rush, without noticing something obvious, which can really matter. How to enjoy all of these moments?

Talk to locals

The first tip, which is useful for any travel, is talking to local people. You won’t discover the real atmosphere of a place, without getting acquainted with couple of locals. They can show you something, that you won’t find in any travelling guide. Locals are the richest source for the most interesting and amazing information. So don’t miss it.

Besides, talking with new people is a great training for your communicational skills. If you struggle with first locals, you will probably fell yourself more comfortable with the next ones.

Spectate the places

Some of the most famous travelling bloggers claim, that one more way to discover the real atmosphere of any place, is spectating. You can sit in a park, or somewhere on the sidewalk, and just watch the changes, which come to the environmental world. Watching people moving here and there, watching cars, animals, sculptures and buildings can bring you new experience of feeling the place you visited. It can be much more informative, than visiting any museum or excursion can be.

Keep your mind open

And, of course, last but not least is keeping your mind as open, as possible. You won’t agree to all of the opinions you hear, but you’ll definitely learn much more, if you hear them though.