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Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro and one of the most famous beaches in the world, the Copacabana, together make one of the most desirable vacation spots. What is it that makes this South American country so popular and sought after? Whether it’s the girls, the nightlife or the fact that it’s crazy about football (that’s soccer, to you North Americans) becomes irrelevant once you’re there. Brazil’s economy has been booming for a while and tourism has played a huge part of that development.

A Real-Life Dream

If you want to talk about partying in Rio you ought to be careful who you choose to have a conversation with. If it’s someone who has seen what it’s like on TV – don’t listen to them. On the other hand, if you’ve managed to meet a genuine survivor of Rio’s night scene, you’re in luck; you’ll be in the know much deeper than you expected. What is there to say, really, about partying in the city that hosts the largest open carnival in the world? Girls in the most revealing carnival costumes you’ll ever see, tons of cocktails, beer and other types of liquor and loud music to spice it all up – it almost sounds like an overworked man’s dream, doesn’t it?


Although the Carnival is more than enough for even the most hardened party animal out there, some of you might want to check out the incredible nightclub and bar scene in the magical Rio De Janeiro. As incredible and life-changing as it is, the Carnival doesn’t go on year round (unfortunately), so the prudent folks of Rio have come up with dozens of entertainment establishments located both throughout the city and its beaches that will give you a chance to either learn or brush up on your samba skills.

Being Multi-Lingual Is A Matter Of Time, Not Talent

Then again, what is a vacation or travel to a foreign country without dedicating at least one entire day of your trip to exploring the most iconic establishment in the world, where all languages are spoken to an extent – the bar? Rio is a bee hive of small, neighborhood bars only the locals know about, as well as the renowned world-class establishments that reinvent the term. Whether you’re looking for glamour and luxury or a rustic and traditional vibe, Rio’s got you covered.

The Statue Of Liberty

Everybody knows the Statue of Liberty. It’s one of the most recognizable symbols of today’s world. Although its purpose in the modern era is to attract tourists and give them a great view of New York City, the history of the statue reveals an important meaning behind it.

There was a man called Bartholdi who got the idea of making the Statue of Liberty. It’s an interesting fact that he actually didn’t have an idea of how big the statue should be. The final model was much bigger than he ever thought – 151 feet tall. This statue was a gift given to the US by France, so its creator wanted to make it look impressive.

The statue was built from pieces, and the construction started in France. The arm, the torch and the head were first built. People back then had the chance to see these pieces and express their opinion. During the construction, Bartholdi saw one potential problem – how was he going to keep the statue in one piece? In the end he created a massive base for the statue, and the quality of this idea can still be seen today. The statue itself is placed on a platform and holds a little museum inside. This museum is dedicated to the history of this statue.

The statue represents a reminder of the 4th July, 1776 – the date when the US got its independence. The date is carved into the document that this lady has been holding for more than 125 years. France didn’t want the origin of the statue to be forgotten so they made a smaller replica as a reminder for all people.

This statue has survived many sunny days, many nasty storms, two world wars, it has seen so many people! Its massive construction constantly reminds the world about the significance of liberty and everything that many nations had to go through in order to achieve it.

Belgrade, Serbia – The Charismatic Soul Of The Balkans

The beautiful city of Belgrade, Serbia, has many great stories to tell. If you have an adventurous spirit, visiting Belgrade can be an extraordinary experience. Many things can be learned and many things can be done in Belgrade. One thing is for sure – you will never be bored!

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, founded in 3rd century BC. The founders of the city belonged to one of many Celtic tribes. After them, this city was conquered by Huns, Goths, Byzantines, and then Romans. Finally – Turks conquered them and ruled the Serbian territory for just over 500 years.

Belgrade lies on two rivers – Sava and Danube. At the confluence of these two waterways, the massive Belgrade Fortress (called Kalemegdan) was built. The remnants of this fortress are still visible today and Kalemegdan is a very popular place for an afternoon walk or a picnic.

If you happen to be a nature lover, the beautiful Avala Mountain can be found just 18 km from the city centre. Avala is one of the smallest mountains in Serbia – its highest peak is only 511 meters tall! Two interesting structures will be waiting for you on the top. The first one is the Avala Tower. The original tower was destroyed during the NATO bombing in 1999. Years later, another one, exactly the same, was built at the very same spot where the old one used to stand. A mausoleum dedicated to the Unknown Soldier is also located on Avala. The identity of this soldier is a mystery. The only thing that is known for sure is that he died after an Austro-Hungarian projectile struck him there in 1915. He was buried at the spot and a mausoleum was later built.

Ada Ciganlija, also called ‘’Sea of Belgrade’’, is one of the most favorite summer destinations for those living in the city. Possibilities are endless – you can play water sports, enjoy sunbathing, go bungee jumping, ride a bicycle, take a relaxing walk, have lunch in any of the restaurants near the water, watch American football matches and many, many other things.

Did you know that Belgrade was declared the number one clubbing destination in Europe? There are hundreds of clubs in Belgrade. But, there are other places besides clubs that often threaten to steal their glory. Splavovi (or, so called, ‘’clubs on water’’) are very popular with tourists (as well as native folks). They provide fun on water – quite literally. Lately, kafane (taverns) have become very popular party destinations. These places are trying to revive the way in which the older generations used to have fun.

In every sense, Belgrade is trying to combine tradition with the modern way of life. Everything aforementioned is just a small part of a big list of things that Belgrade has to offer. It‘s up to you to come visit and explore the rest!

5 Places You must Visit During your Holidays


Visiting new alien places around the globe impacts our lifestyle tremendously. Each place we visit gives us some priceless memories. Frequently visited spots are now losing their touch of attracting tourists. There’s a frequent search for isolated natural wonders. Somewhere whence tranquillity reigns, oddly as it may seem even hard to believe such spots still exists.

Rome is a city with mythical beginnings with the adjacent Vatican City the atmosphere in Rome is an epic mix of magic & spirituality. A diverse culture is found Rome. Being home to remains of ancient Roma and the touch of modernization the food here obviously tastes great, with a lot of places to visit. This city is buzzing all around the year with people who come to have a peek at the past. Here almost people from all classes of the society can have a heartwarming vacation.

Budapest is a city with so much to offer that all of its shining feature can’t be listed here, geographically split by the river Danube into three regions. Budapest offers a natural beauty, historic architectures and mixing past with present. Offering a brilliant future on the horizon one can go on endless shopping spree due to the economical prices here. The museums offer a peek into Hungary’s past.

Florence is situated among Tuscan hills. It has a deep significance in historical Renaissance era. If the touches of modern utilities are removed for some while, you might find yourself moving through history. Florence or (Firenze) offers gorgeous sunsets, delicious food & romantic landscape spread all around.

The northern areas of Pakistan are a real treat with the highest peaks of world situated here the atmosphere in this region is relatively cold and clean. The region is host to spots like fairy meadows, here one can gaze across the cosmos with naked eye and ponder on the wonders of nature. Lush green rolling hills & abundance of springs with the basic necessities available this region real is a heart warmer.

Istanbul is a city that elegantly displays the co existence of culture & religions. With one halve of the city in Europe & other halves in Asia, the city displays trends of both cultures. Istanbul is a beautiful blend of Islam & modernism as well. This city has long been known in history of the Roman & Ottoman empire. Featuring a breath taking landscape, and serene atmosphere the city however buzzes with life night and day. Here you can treat yourself with diverse foods with a really good quality. Do keep in mind to try Turkish Doner their version of fast food. The grand Bazar located in city is a treat for shopping lovers. In short Istanbul is a vibrant city that should be visited.




Some Effective Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

No matter who you are, what you are and where you are, sooner or later you would have to step out of your shelter and embark on a journey to a new destination. This “journey” can be intra-city, inter-city and/or global. There will be many issues at hand for travelers but some of the key issues will be solved by the end of this article. Try the ones listed and you will be rewarded.

Take a decent amount of rest. Rest is essential. Balance it out and you will feel an optimized and refreshed brain response. If you miss out on that, you might miss something important on your journey e.g. falling asleep on a bus after a tiring day at your institute might land you on the wrong bus stop. If it’s a long journey, say between two cities that are more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) apart, have a good sleep of at least 6 hours before you embark.

Keep track of what is important. Maintain a small check list and include your essentials. The list should include your map (you may use a GPS device instead), wallet, identification, passport & visa (if going abroad), backup money and other personal belongings. Even on the shortest de-routes, any of these items will become lifesavers. Check these at regular time intervals just to be on the safe side. Keep an alternate to each in-case the original goes missing.

Be punctual. Time is precious so do not delay or cause a delay. As a precaution, set up alarms and reminders about your trip ahead of time just to be prepared.

Travel light. Take only those items that are required, inexpensive and can be used as alternates. You can have scanned copies of your paperwork on a CD rather than having all your paperwork in-hand. If you are tech savvy and have gadgets on you then carry a multi-purpose charger rather than a charger for every gadget.

Always have some First-Aid with you. You never know when you might get sick or get a bruise. To keep yourself in-shape, have a stash of first-aid supplies to counter any health short-comings. If possible, have a healthy vaccination record too.

Learn a few words from the local language of your destination. Learn to say yes, no and other words for guidance and response when travelling to a locality with an unfamiliar language. This will save you time of skimming through your guidebook and will also help turn down any scammers.

Have a list of emergency contacts. If something happens and you are out of resources, a piece of paper and/or your mobile with emergency contacts will be helpful to get you back on track.

Do not show off! Dress simple when travelling with the simple. This will avoid any possible thefts and glares targeted at you.

Be confident and relaxed. Do not panic! Think straight, walk straight and have FUN!