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Most Romantic Cities In Europe

There is nothing more intimate and memorable than a romantic getaway with the love of your life. Although anywhere can become a romantic destination with the right person, there are some cities in the world that just exude love and beauty. If you are planning on surprising your loved one with a special trip, we will go over some of the top romantic cities in Europe to make your decision a little easier.

Bled, Slovenia

The beautiful resort town of Bled is situated at the foothills of the Julian Alps, where you can take rent a boat and enjoy a romantic evening on the emerald-green Bled Lake.

Prague, Czech Republic

On top of the beautiful structures, winding cobbled streets and statue covered Charles Bridge; it is also common knowledge in the city that if you kiss your loved one on 1 May under the blossoming cherry trees on Petrin Hill, your love will last forever.

Dordogne, France

The area is surrounded by rolling green hills, a beautiful winding river that goes through town and chateaus that date back to the medieval times. The charming villages of the Dordogne valley make the picture perfect place for a quiet romantic weekend.


Venice, Italy

Known as the floating city, Venice is a group of 117 small islands where you can enjoy romantic seaside diners while surrounded by historic building dating back hundreds of years.


4 useful tips for the introvert travellers

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you can’t meet new people, visit some interesting places and enjoy an amazing travelling. You go into solo travelling and do this stuff, but you need to hear this advice first. They are targeted on the introvert travellers, just like you and I are.

Time to ‘Turn off’ is OK

Introverts may have some active periods when they are ready for communications, meetings and other forms of contact with the surrounding world. But any introvert needs to have some time to ‘Turn off’. To be left alone and to relax without new meetings and dialogues.

You should plan your trip in such a way, that you could afford such time to ‘Turn off’ when it’s needed.

Skip AirB&B, BlaBlaCar and couch surfing

All of the mentioned above and other services allow getting some service cheaper. In such way you can save your money, using someone else’s car or home. But if you are an introvert, you may feel tired of such communal living or travelling. So, think well before you use any of these services.

Use solo activities to relax

If you came to a new place with a group of friends, you still have an opportunity to enjoy your loneliness. For example, a morning run or going to gym may be great excuses.

Feel free to communicate when it’s needed

There are a lot of ways to ‘isolate’ yourself and stop talking to others. But you should remember that introverts don’t necessary go alone everywhere. Sometimes we need communication as well. So, feel free to talk to anyone when you’d like to.


Things that you shouldn’t wear when travelling

What are you going to wear when you go to another country? Did you think well about this question?

If you are going to visit the country with the same culture, there won’t be problems with your outlook. But if you are a westerner, who is going to visit some far countries, we should warn you a little. Here is a list of things that you shouldn’t wear while travelling.

1.Flashy jewelry

The reason for leaving your expensive jewellery at home is simple. Tourists are #1 target for thieves anywhere in the world. Rich tourist with lots of jewellery is the even more attractive target. That’s why we recommend you refusing to take jewellery with yourself before going to trip.

2.Religiously immodest things

It depends on the countries you are going to visit. But if you are planning to visit some churches or mosques, you should think forward about the clothes you are going to take. Also if you are going to visit some religious countries, you should learn more about their traditions and things that are allowed to wear.

3.Sneakers and open-toe shoes

Wearing sneakers is acceptable for the sports activities only. Open-toe shoes are not good because they are not comfortable for walking. So, your best option is taking a comfortable and good-looking shoes.


A hanging camera is a typical symbol of a tourist. And as we know, tourists are the #1 targets for thieves. That’s why you’d better use your smartphone for making instant photos.

And, finally, the general recommendation is to wear clothes in the way locals do it. You will feel yourself comfortable if you look like a local in any country where you go.


The best gift ideas for the travellers (Part 2)

We continue our list of useful gifts for travellers. The next item in it is a gadget that helps people, who are using any electronic device on their trip, whether it’s camera or smartphone.

3.It’s called Anker Powercore and it’s really convenient for usage anywhere: the device is about the size of your credit card. However, it’s able to charge your mobile up to three times! It’s really a ‘must have the ’ tiny thing for any traveller in the world.

4.Have you ever heard of travelling pillows? They are used for making your sleep more comfortable during a trip. The principle of their functioning is simple as well: they are small, light and convenient. The pillow which we are going to discuss in this article combines all of the qualities in itself, being super useful. It is called Trtl Travel Pillow and it’s represented as a neck-brace. You just tie it around your neck and have a deep and comfortable sleep.

5.Do you know this feeling when your laptop has to low sound volume while watching the movie with other people in the room? If yes, you should probably look at this Sony Bluetooth Speaker and present it to your close friend who understands this feeling as well. It’s compact, but powerful enough to be taken on any trip. It uses Bluetooth connection to be synchronized with your smartphone or player. At the same time, it’s hardy enough due to its opportunity to work for about 12 hours.

How to travel to Cuba?

Cuba is a country with a quite strange history. While it’s so close to the United States, it was controlled by the communists, what made the country much less developed than it probably could be. Also, there is an issue in the relationship between Cuba and the USA. In 1960 the US imposed an embargo against Cuba after the nationalization of the American oil without any compensation. This story leads to the restriction for the Americans to visit Cuba. Formally it’s active even today. As a result, it became quite difficult for the citizens of the United States to visit Cuba. But it’s still possible.

There are different ways you can reach Cuba. The first one is getting a special license, which confirms that you have some reasons for visiting this country. It should be registered by the US Government. Another way is creating some cultural basis for getting there, like some volunteering or helping to the local society. This is also used as a formal reason to visit the country. Finally, you can simply come to Cuba illegally from Canada or Mexico. Of course, this method is recommended for you only if you don’t have any other chance to come to the country.

The travelling to Cuba itself isn’t that expensive. You need to buy Cuban tourist visa for $20 USD at the airport. The trip can cost you as low as $240 USD (a budget flight from Cancun to Havana). Soon some commercial US flight companies are going to offer their services as well, what may decrease the cost.