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Make your date flexible

Every experienced traveller knows, how important is having flexible dates. Read more in this article what we mean and how it can be useful for you.

Let’s imagine, that you are planning your trip. You can use two different ways for scheduling your journey – the first is setting the dates and searching for the tickets. The second is searching for the tickets and setting the dates. Do you see the difference? It may sound not so important, but it actually can save you some cash.

It’s not a secret, that tickets can have a different price, depending on the date you choose. For example, on Thursday your bus ticket will cost less, than on Friday or Saturday, due to the number of people, who are going to buy it. As you don’t have any harsh frames in planning your journey, you can change the time borders of your trip. As a result, going one day later or earlier is not so important, but it saves a money for you, allowing to extend the travelling.

This approach works also when we talk about the place you are going to visit. Sometimes it’s cheaper to move to the city, other than you were going to move to earlier. So it costs less as well. The main principle leaves without any change – try to fix your plans according to the prices you see. In the result, it reduces your expenses, though you still have a lot of fun and pleasure, seeing other countries and people.

Affordable accommodations to save your money

Many travellers, despite the popular misconceptions, choose not some expensive hotels to stay for the night. They can stay at some pretty affordable accommodations, which we are going to discuss in this article. Here are some of them.

1.Hostels for backpackers

They are everywhere. Any country has affordable hostels with everything, which is enough for an overnight stay. Clean, simple bed in a small room, – what do you need more? Some additional services, like a toilet and a shower, are included. But for staying in such conditions, you need to pay no more than $5-10 per night. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?


Locals are anywhere you go – these people also need money and they have some apartments, so sometimes you can help each other. Offer them $5-10 per night and they allow you to stay in some empty room of their house or flat. The benefit of such an approach is communication with people, who know much about the real life in their country.

3.Volunteers organizations

Some of the volunteer’s organizations may be presented in the place you are going to visit. The best way to know, whether they offer any place for staying, is to check their website or a social media feed. Sometimes these organizations offer their services to the travellers for free, asking to do some simple work from your side.


Of course, Couchsurfing is a great movement, which allows you staying at someone’s apartments for free! Just join their community and be open-minded, in order to find new friends with apartments in the place you are going to visit!

Less stuff for traveller is good

When you pack your stuff, preparing to visit some new countries, you can often think wrong about your needs in the future. As a result, you may bring too much of unnecessary things, that will be too difficult to be carried. In this article, we’d like to talk more about this.

First of all, we should clear our one more thing. Under ‘travelling’ we mean not just a visit to some Goa ‘all-inclusive’ hotel. In this case, you can definitely predict your activities and take everything, which will help you on a trip. Now we mean some more ‘wild’ travelling, visiting some interesting countries, which can share the new experience with you. In this case, you probably won’t be able to say for sure, whether you’ll need this or that, or no. But be ready to use one universal rule, given by an experienced author, who runs a travelling blog: ‘You don’t need ½ the gear you pack’. Actually, it may seem ridiculous – but it’s a holy true.

The more experienced is the traveller – the less number of goods he takes to his trip. Many interesting people, who share their travelling experience, confirm this principle. For example, one more blogger claims, that after 4 years of travelling his backpack is twice smaller. Besides, he keeps rule to carry everything with himself, just in this single backpack. No additional luggage is taken!

So, next time you pack your goods, think well about this post. Believe it – your trip will last longer if you carry less.

How to find cheap airline tickets?

The most expensive part of the travelling, in most cases, is flight. It’s not a surprise, because the airline tickets costs more, than you spend on renting some apartments or buying food. That’s why it’s so important to find cheap tickets. Fortunately, today there is a bunch of services, allowing you to find a flight ticket everywhere you want. In this article we’d like to look through some of them.

Search engines

There are some special search engines, navigating the most affordable plane tickets. Such services use special filters, which allow you finding tickets to any city you need. Using them, you can save decent amount of money. The most famous services of this type include Google Flights, Kayak, Skyscanner, JetRadar. Some of them even calculate the final price for each seat.

Alert services

Another category of services are the ones, using special alerts. They notify users via email or any other affordable way about the cheap flights, which are going to be launched in the nearest future. HolidayPirates, SecretFlying, TheFlightDeal and others belong to this category.

Airline newsletters

Some of the airline companies offer special prices for flights to their loyal clients, using mailing lists. That’s why we advise you to subscribe their news and watch some ‘delicious’ deals for booking. Some tickets can be offered with a 50%-discount of even more. You can get all of the interesting offers directly to your mail box with such services.

And, of course, be ready to buy the ticket you’ll consider to be affordable!

Best travel jobs you could only imagine

There is a category of jobs, which allow you to earn money, even when you are travelling! It’s a great way to combine your adventures and the source of income to make money for a living. In this article we are going to discuss some of them.


You can translate any language to other one, using just your laptop and a stable internet-connection! Besides, you can do it from any place in the world! The only requirement is speaking any other language, except of your mothertongue.

2.Travel tour guide

The same kind of job, as a translator – but you should communicate with the tourists, speaking any other language, except of your motherlanguage, as well.

3.Hotel staff

Hotels are presented anywhere in the world. All of them work thanks to the personnel, who does some regular duties. You can try yourself as a waiter or a footman, as you wish.

4.English teacher

If you speak English well enough, you can visit any foreign country as an English teacher. You will either get some money for living there, or teach kids or adults to speak the most popular language in the world.

5.Massage therapist

You don’t even need to speak any other language – just learn how to do a great, relaxing massage – and you’ll get some job!

6.Online jobs

You can be a copywriter, a web designer or even a software developer, if you want to. All you need, again, is just a laptop, an internet-connection and some skills.