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Staying Safe on AirBnB

Probably one of the most innovative and exciting development in travel, in the past decade was the introduction of Airbnb. For those who may be unaware of the concept, with this service that allows people to list their properties to travelers looking for quality accommodation that is not overpriced. This has meant that luxury homes and great destinations are now open to the average individual at a much cheaper rate than would be the case in a five star hotel for instance. Regardless of the groundbreaking nature of the practice there are some horror stories of people who’ve had nasty experiences. Next time you decide to use such a service, here are a few things to take note of.

The first thing to note is that the service is structured in such a way that they safeguard the customer and try to provide the best service possible. It is thus imperative that you acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions as well as terms of service. Following forums about the facility also help to keep you updated about any scams or sour grapes to look out for.

Though many fully understand the system, it is important to remember that this service is different from a hotel. In essence you are taking over a home or sharing an apartment for a set period. As one should not expect valet and reception services that would normally come with the quintessential hotel treatment.

As you register and get your profile up and running, it is of great importance to be truthful and honest. There are a few verification processes that you also need to fulfill in order to be in good standing. Similarly, when looking for an accommodation keep to verified service providers who have a great track record.

Like any other area of product or service, there is a lot of value that can be gotten from networking with previous, present and future customers. In the least you may make new friends or acquaintances who can be of assistance next time you are in their part of the world. At best you get honest and practical advice and testimonials about their experiences.

Ultimately, to enjoy your trip and accommodation, it is imperative that you keep an open mind. In as much as you may be keen to enjoy your vacation in solitude it is important to be ready to interact with your hosts.

The A to Z of Glamping

For ages, the great outdoors have been associated with ‘roughing it’, cold nights and possibly the risk of running into some fierce wildlife while you at it. This has made it a pastime that is endearing only to those with a deep passion for nature and the environment. However, as of late, a new form of outdoor excursion has gained appeal with both the young and the old. This new age activity is known as Glamping, a combination of luxury and exploration of the outdoors.

It is to be understood that glamping isn’t merely about putting together camping and glamour. There is an eccentric mix of nostalgia and trendiness that often appeals to younger generation travelers. One basically gets the amenities and provisions that would normally be found in a five star hotel, with the clean and fresh surrounds that characterize untouched forestry.

There are a number of choices that come with glamping. These range from the more traditional tent setup to eco pods and yurts. The one characteristic that they all share is lavishness. Emphasis is put on both the interior and exterior of the accommodation units, resulting in a settlement that is alluring both aesthetically and ergonomically.

The exploration options that arise from glamping have resulted in the practice catching like wildfire all over the world. It offers a versatile and adaptable experience which caters for a range of needs from romantic getaways to bush safaris. Because there is no complicated infrastructure required, visitors can also settle in an isolated Riviera, for instance, and still be able to update the world about your sojourning on social media, through unlimited access to wifi.

Another aspect of glamping is the fact that it champions environmentally friendly habits. This ensures a minimal negative impact on the surrounding environs as compared to vast luxury resort areas. Most service providers of glamping facilities also embrace eco – friendly practices such as utilizing reusable materials and making use of designated campsites. In all it can be said that glamping solves the challenges usually associated with regular tourism, while satisfying even the most demanding tastes.

Experience Culture Through Travel

imageTravel is an item that finds itself on most wish lists as well as end of year to do’s. It is however, an interesting fact that most of the time, people don’t stop to truly reflect on what it is they want to achieve from journeying to other places. Typical travel preparatory activities include searching for cheap flight tickets and beautiful destinations, but there is something else that is of importance that is often left unattended. One of the most significant aspects of travel is the opportunity to experience new people and ways of life, different to what we are used to.

The first way to ensure that you immerse yourself as much as possible in the culture and experience associated with a particular place is to move slowly. This is meant in the literal sense! While not having an itinerary can seem counter – productive and even unwise, there is a general trend to rush everything when you commit to an itinerary. By sticking to a jam – packed schedule with lots of activities and sites, you may find yourself rushing through everything with nothing being memorable.

Another way to make sure that you get the best a location has to offer is to rent an apartment or house for the time that you will be on vacation. Hotels and luxury stay facilities offer great accommodation, sometimes at reasonable rates. The challenge however is that they are meant to cater to a vast audience. Unless you are interested in an artificial ‘tourist – themed’ experience, you may be better off getting a holiday apartment. It is prudent to do your research with regard to safety and location before committing to a specific property.

Many travellers enjoy catching a cab, hiring a car or using a chartered coach. However, a really good way to engage the locals and get a feel of how they go about their business is to use more mainstream public transport forms such as the bus, metro or subway. This definitely gives a bit more exposure than you would expect under ordinary circumstances. If you are lucky you may even meet someone interesting.

Whatever the case might be, it is a great idea to try and take in the local ways and enjoy your vacationing destination. This will help to recharge your batteries and possibly develop a better appreciation of different people in the world.

Extreme Sports To Try Next Time You Travel

imageThere is always a specific experience that people are looking for when they take a trip. Being in a hectic and unfortunately, sometimes mundane day – to – day drill, most adventurers seek a thrilling and breathtaking experience when traveling. It is for this reason, that one cannot afford to spend their whole trip hunched up in a room and not really doing anything. There are a variety of adventure experiences that may provide the required excitement without the risk of breaking a limb.

Probably the most publicized and well known activity related to adventure travel is bungee jumping. The thought of hurtling down a valley or bridge, wind rushing past your face is a definite must – do on your adventure list. The good thing is that there are numerous destinations , offering different landscapes and heights. As such, one can start with shorter heights and gradually move on to more daunting altitudes.

Another activity that is equally thrilling and offers even more opportunities is skydiving. While there may be specific destinations to bungee jump, skydiving can be done almost anywhere in the world. It also has the flexibility of choosing the scenery you are most interested in. Places such as Hawaii and Cape Town offer immensely beautiful landscapes that will give you a new appreciation of the beauty of the world.

In many a movie, the ultimate show of freedom and adventure getaway is a group of young travelers leaping from a cliff’s edge into sparkling blue oceanic waters. In this activity, safety is dependent on your choice of location. It is a largely unregulated activity and half the time, all that is needed is a jagged cliff’s edge and a water body, deep enough to sustain a dive. This is a great activity to do with friends and share great memories, and possibly suffer a belly flop or two.

With so many options out there, the most important consideration is to stay safe and injury free. In activities where there are operators or guides, tourists are usually given a sturdy orientation course. In instances where activities are free-for-all, by taking a few simple precautions, a holiday vacation can create memories to last a lifetime.