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Traveling Comfortably as A Special Needs Tourist

imageNothing is as frustrating as being on vacation and realizing that most of the attractions are not an option because they do not accommodate one’s special needs. This is of particular inconvenience when one considers the cost of travel and services that come with it. When looking for the adventure of a lifetime, being able to access and utilize the facilities and amenities at your destination should be the least of your worries. To make sure that this is the case, there are a couple of measures that can be taken to guarantee a great experience.

The most important consideration is to plan for the trip well in advance. By doing your research and groundwork, it is easy to single out the different service providers who have specific facilities that are accessible and user friendly. This task should not be overly complicated since many destinations are heeding to the plight of travelers with diverse impairments. In the event that you are going on holiday in a place that is remote or doesn’t cater to your needs, there are also facilities and equipment that you may take along to make the trip easier.

Another great thought is to try and be located in an accessible part of the town or city you will be staying. Though the actual accommodation may be disabled – friendly, there is also need to take note of the topography and infrastructure in that part of the area. Features such as hills, crowded streets and stairs may make getting around rather difficult.

The most important thing is to keep a positive attitude and be as flexible as possible, without making undue compromises. If it’s a possibility and desirable, you can consider traveling with someone as well just to make sure that all your bases are covered. In all, the most important thing is to relax and enjoy your well deserved getaway.

Partnering With The Best Tour Operator

travel-guide-544430_640Going on holiday is such a great investment and can be quite demanding financially. Given the preparation and work that goes into creating a great vacationing experience, many people opt to employ the services of a tour operator to take care of all the heavy lifting. By so doing there is also a guarantee of the lowest costs for flights, bookings and activities. To take advantage of these benefits however, there is need to choose the right tour operator who will meet your requirements.

The first thing any prospective adventurer needs to ask is how long the company has been operational. Although new companies are eager to build a reputation by offering excellent service, the barriers to entering the tour industry are very low, meaning even under – experienced operators can be part of the offering. Pretty much anyone with an internet connection and a passion for travel can start a tour operating company.

A tour operator that has a presence in both the home country and overseas is usually something to go for as well. Many a company rather outsource their services to foreign operators which means once a traveler leaves the country of origin, they are totally in the company of strangers. This can have disastrous results if something goes wrong and there is a need to follow punitive measures.

An age old way of evaluating a tour operator like most service industries, is to follow up on customer reviews and testimonials. On travel advisory websites, it is possible to access comments from previous clients and their experience with the service provider. This will also give an insight into the type of activities they offer, from extreme sports to pampering excursions.

Whichever route you choose, it is essential to engage a bit of research and go with your gut instinct. This will ensure a flawless travel experience though it is also good to note that sometimes the best adventure includes some unexpected turns here and there.

Looking Past Your Backyard : African Safari

safari-935927_640There is no doubt that going on holiday is a priority that everyone likes to enjoy. Because we devote a huge chunk of our free time to working, spending some time away is very desirable. This offers an opportunity to unwind and recharge. One can also use this time to refocus perspective and find oneself again. It is, as such, unfortunate that the vast majority of holiday – makers do not get to indulge themselves as much as they would want to. Most end up going to run – of – the mill destinations or doing unremarkable activities largely due to their tight budgets. Only a handful of financial daredevils put it on their credit cards and then come back to face a bleak situation.
There is however, a way in which a traveller or vacationer can explore unique and memorable getaways without making enemies with the bank manager. Using an example of what is a dream for most, an African safari, we can see how a special experience of a lifetime can be put together.
To start with, your destination of choice will determine just how much you need to save for your holiday. While some historically popular safari destinations like Botswana and Tanzania will set you back a fair amount of money in reservations and activities, choosing less in – demand places like Namibia and Malawi offer similar flora and fauna for much less.
Another variable to consider is travelling during low season. Most destinations cost significantly less during their off – peak times. This option also allows you to get access to great discounts and lower prices. For an African safari, the bush country is green and lush at this time, making it difficult to sight animals. However with an experienced guide or tracker this should not be a huge issue.
Lastly, the option to go on affordable self – drive trips is also a good way to keep costs rational. Most parks and game reserves in Africa charge minimal conservation fees for self – driving travellers. There is no need for special driving courses when self – driving and if you follow general rules of safety, all should be well.
From this, it can be seen that a faraway, extraordinary holiday can be a reality for you, even if you are not willing or able to devote large sums of money towards it.

How To Be A Responsible Traveler

bangkokWe’ve all felt the rush at some point. The building excitement as you work of the last hours of your day, anticipating that long – awaited getaway. For most individuals, a vacation is a well – deserved rest to look forward to at the end of the year. However, considering the sizeable financial investment that travelling is today, the last thing you want is for anything to go wrong. Traveling is about leaving the mundane drill and problems associated with the everyday lifestyle. An opportunity to meet new people, learn different cultures and add another set of pictures on your growing wall of memories. As such, the last thing anyone wants is to have a glitch or problem along the way and at worst have your dream break turn into a total nightmare. In addition to the careful planning and budgeting that comes with travel, a usually forgotten but equally significant aspect is researching your destination and acclimatizing with the requisite culture and way of doing things there.

With the advent of the internet and information just a click away, your first stop is a tried and trusted search engine. Without overindulging, the internet can be a rich resource for fascinating specifics, other travelers’ reviews and experiences as well as history of the peoples in question. Just a few minutes online can potentially save you numerous inconveniences and heartache in the long run. In Japan, for instance slurping your noodles is a sign that you are enjoying the meal. So ditch that napkin and dive in!

Over and above the obvious reason of avoiding sticky situations and potential embarrassment, being culturally aware opens new opportunities to truly experiencing a destination. In as much as your local travel agents may have a wealth of information regarding the best flights and vacation spots, little may come from their way in terms of festivals, customs, beliefs and rituals. All of these are excellent occasions to enjoy what normally turn out to be once – in – a – lifetime experiences. As such by knowing the true nature and ways of people in your destination, you unravel a rare perspective into parts of the world, not so familiar to you. From this it can be seen that being conscious of the etiquette and manners wherever you travel keeps you safe and gives extreme value for your money.

Travel Hacking; How To Truly Travel The World On A Budget

norway-772991_640For many people, the word ‘travel’ conjures dream destinations and endless hours of fun and relaxation. It is an unfortunate reality that this reverie usually comes at a cost. While it may be true that we would all like to see the world a bit more, the sad reality is that travelling costs money and if you don’t have that precious resource, you are doomed to a sedentary, mundane life, going through the motions everyday ….or is it?

If numerous frequent travelers and high – flyers are to be trusted, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. A new wave of adventure – seekers is slowly taking shape and these individuals take pleasure in seeing glamorous destinations, eating fine cuisine and immersing themselves in ethnic cultures for a fraction of the typical cost. Travel hacking as it has come to be called is a new age solution to an old problem, in which normal people follow trusted techniques and deals to enjoy  extraordinary experiences. You can do it too.

One particularly interesting option, especially for the avid backpacker or bare-bones traveler is working overseas. Many travelers have taken to engaging in farm work, Au pair services and tour guide roles as they sojourn across the world. If the idea of manual labor isn’t your idea of a dream getaway, there is still more one can do.

Another option that may not require as much toil is the option of free or discounted flight tickets. Upon subscribing to a handful of travel credit cards, one can earn frequent flyer miles that progressively accumulate towards your free flight. For the financially astute, there are also flight deals that are usually commonplace during low season to be taken advantage of. As such, there is a strong possibility that you too can be flying the skies at little to no cost.

Sleeping in community accommodations or dormitories as they are often referred to is also a proven way to cut down on costs. Don’t expect room service here but at least you get to do what you actually set out to do. See the world and enjoy the richness and color that is the human race. Whichever way you look at it, there is definitely more than one way to skin this cat. What hacked adventure will you dare to embark on?