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How To Be A Responsible Traveler

bangkokWe’ve all felt the rush at some point. The building excitement as you work of the last hours of your day, anticipating that long – awaited getaway. For most individuals, a vacation is a well – deserved rest to look forward to at the end of the year. However, considering the sizeable financial investment that travelling is today, the last thing you want is for anything to go wrong. Traveling is about leaving the mundane drill and problems associated with the everyday lifestyle. An opportunity to meet new people, learn different cultures and add another set of pictures on your growing wall of memories. As such, the last thing anyone wants is to have a glitch or problem along the way and at worst have your dream break turn into a total nightmare. In addition to the careful planning and budgeting that comes with travel, a usually forgotten but equally significant aspect is researching your destination and acclimatizing with the requisite culture and way of doing things there.

With the advent of the internet and information just a click away, your first stop is a tried and trusted search engine. Without overindulging, the internet can be a rich resource for fascinating specifics, other travelers’ reviews and experiences as well as history of the peoples in question. Just a few minutes online can potentially save you numerous inconveniences and heartache in the long run. In Japan, for instance slurping your noodles is a sign that you are enjoying the meal. So ditch that napkin and dive in!

Over and above the obvious reason of avoiding sticky situations and potential embarrassment, being culturally aware opens new opportunities to truly experiencing a destination. In as much as your local travel agents may have a wealth of information regarding the best flights and vacation spots, little may come from their way in terms of festivals, customs, beliefs and rituals. All of these are excellent occasions to enjoy what normally turn out to be once – in – a – lifetime experiences. As such by knowing the true nature and ways of people in your destination, you unravel a rare perspective into parts of the world, not so familiar to you. From this it can be seen that being conscious of the etiquette and manners wherever you travel keeps you safe and gives extreme value for your money.

Travel Hacking; How To Truly Travel The World On A Budget

norway-772991_640For many people, the word ‘travel’ conjures dream destinations and endless hours of fun and relaxation. It is an unfortunate reality that this reverie usually comes at a cost. While it may be true that we would all like to see the world a bit more, the sad reality is that travelling costs money and if you don’t have that precious resource, you are doomed to a sedentary, mundane life, going through the motions everyday ….or is it?

If numerous frequent travelers and high – flyers are to be trusted, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. A new wave of adventure – seekers is slowly taking shape and these individuals take pleasure in seeing glamorous destinations, eating fine cuisine and immersing themselves in ethnic cultures for a fraction of the typical cost. Travel hacking as it has come to be called is a new age solution to an old problem, in which normal people follow trusted techniques and deals to enjoy  extraordinary experiences. You can do it too.

One particularly interesting option, especially for the avid backpacker or bare-bones traveler is working overseas. Many travelers have taken to engaging in farm work, Au pair services and tour guide roles as they sojourn across the world. If the idea of manual labor isn’t your idea of a dream getaway, there is still more one can do.

Another option that may not require as much toil is the option of free or discounted flight tickets. Upon subscribing to a handful of travel credit cards, one can earn frequent flyer miles that progressively accumulate towards your free flight. For the financially astute, there are also flight deals that are usually commonplace during low season to be taken advantage of. As such, there is a strong possibility that you too can be flying the skies at little to no cost.

Sleeping in community accommodations or dormitories as they are often referred to is also a proven way to cut down on costs. Don’t expect room service here but at least you get to do what you actually set out to do. See the world and enjoy the richness and color that is the human race. Whichever way you look at it, there is definitely more than one way to skin this cat. What hacked adventure will you dare to embark on?


Acapulco is one of Mexico’s oldest coastal tourist destinations, reaching prominence in the 1950s as the place where Hollywood stars and millionaires vacationed on the beach in an exotic locale. Acapulco’s reputation is that of a high-energy party town, where one can “have dinner at midnight, dance until dawn then relax in the daytime on the beach. The nightlife has long been a major tourist draw of the city. From November to April, luxury liners stop here daily and include ships such as the MS Queen Victoria, the MS Rotterdam, Crystal Harmony as well as all the Princess line ships. Despite Acapulco’s international fame, most of its visitors are from central Mexico, especially the affluent from Mexico City. Acapulco is one of the embarkation ports for the Mexican cruise line Ocean Star Cruises.

Acapulco’s main attraction is its nightlife, as it has been for many decades. Nightclubs change names and owners frequently. Informal lobby or poolside cocktail bars often offer free live entertainment. In addition, there is the beach bar zone, where younger crowds go. These are located along the Costera road, face the ocean and feature techno or alternative rock. Most are concentrated between the Fiesta Americana and Continental Plaza hotels. These places tend to open earlier and have more informal dress. There is a bungee jump in this area as well.

Another enigmatic attraction at Acapulco are the La Quebrada Cliff Divers.The tradition started in the 1930s when young men casually competed against each other to see who could dive from the highest point into the sea below. Eventually, locals began to ask for tips for those coming to see the men dive. Today the divers are professionals, diving from heights of forty meters into an inlet that is only seven meters wide and four meters deep, after praying first at a shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe. On December 12, the feast day of this Virgin, freestyle cliff divers jump into the sea to honor her. Dives ranges from the simple to the complicated and end with the “Ocean of Fire” when the sea is lit with gasoline, making a circle of flames which the diver aims for. The spectacle can be seen from a public area which charges a small fee or from the Hotel Plaza Las Glorias/El Mirador from its bar or restaurant terrace.

Park City

Have you ever heard of the Sundance Film Festival? It is officially the largest independent film festival in the United States and you’d probably be surprised to hear that it’s held in a charming little small town in Utah. Park City is the name of that small town, but we assure you there is nothing small about it; in fact, in addition to Sundance, Park City is also famous for a number of other things, such as the fact that 1994’s Dumb and Dumber were shot in it (some scenes), as well as that it’s the home of the United States Ski Team and the official training center of the Australian Freestyle Ski Team. So, as you can see – the only small thing about Park City, UT is…well, the number of its permanent residents.

It’s somewhat difficult to imagine there is more to Park City than world-class snowboarding and skiing, considering the fact that it has over 400 exceptional mountain trails. Some even refer to Park City as the ultimate winter destination. Why? Well, that’s pretty obvious – one single trip is enough to experience a variety of different things in one single town: rejuvenating and relaxing in one of the many exceptional spas scattered throughout Park City, tasting signature drinks while gazing upon the Historic Main Street, seeing the sights from a hot air balloon, fulfilling one’s Olympic fantasies on a bobsled ride etc.


Madagascar has been isolated from the African landmass for approximately 165 million years and its flora and fauna evolved in isolation from that time onwards. The island is one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas, and is internationally renowned as a wildlife tourism and ecotourism destination, focusing on lemurs, birds, and orchids. More than half of the island’s breeding birds are endemic. Other native species include the red-bellied lemur, the aye-aye, and the indri (the largest lemur species).

One of the best places to observe the indri is the Analamazoatra Reserve (also known as Périnet), four hours away from the capital. The presence of the indri has helped to make the Analamazoatra Reserve one of Madagascar’s most popular tourist attractions.

Historical sites can be found throughout the country, but mostly in the capital, such as the Royal Palace or Rova in Antananarivo or the sacred hill of Ambohimanga nearby, both UNESCO world heritage listed sites. A popular route from Antananarivo to Tulear in the south passes through several towns noted for their handicraft: Ambatolampy (aluminium foundry), Antsirabé (gemstones, embroidery, toys), Ambositra (marquetry), and Fianarantsoa.