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Important tips for travelling alone

Travelling alone (or as it is called ‘solo travel’) is a popular trend among travellers. Many people, no matter how old they are, prefer travelling alone due to many reasons. Some of them want to feel new emotions and get new experiences; others – simply to get a rest from their environment. Single travel is spread even among those, who are not single in their usual lives!

This way of discovering new places may be awesome, but you still should follow some simple rules, in order to enjoy your travelling as much as possible. Here they are.

1.Be careful.

Solo travel means that you have nobody to help you, instead of you. It means that you shouldn’t risk too much. This may include getting drunk with unfamiliar people, using some extreme ways to get somewhere, etc.

2.Don’t believe anybody.

Scammers are everywhere in the world. They may be charming and look attractively, but their main aim is the same: they want to get your money and precious gear. Be careful 24/7 with the people, who surround you.

3.Keep your money on cards.

Don’t risk, carrying your savings in cash. You should split your finances, putting them on different cards. You should have a small amount of cash to pay the taxi driver, for example.

4.Don’t look like a tourist.

Tourists are the most attractive aim for scammers. That’s why your best option is becoming not so noticeable, looking like a local (or trying to).

These tips are basic. We’ll add them up in the next articles.

How to overcome your pre-trip anxiety?

One thing that is faced by all of the travellers is a pre-trip anxiety. This feeling is common both for the experienced travellers and for the novices, who are just starting their travelling around the world. You should know that it’s a normal condition for the human’s nature.

This feeling is far not the most pleasant one because it makes you nervous. As a result, you stop enjoying your pre-trip experience and have a lot of negative thoughts, connected with your journey. So, how can your anxiety be overcome?

1.Exercising. It’s a scientifically proven fact that doing exercises brings you a positive experience and improves your mood. It results in a better mind and body shape and leaves no time for any negative thoughts.

2.Walking. Same as exercising, walking makes you feel yourself better. As a result, your mood improves and your anxiety disappears.

3.Do something creative. Any person can use one’s creativity to become happier. You can read or write something, draw and make music. You are free to create anything you like! The only requirement is feeling you better.

4.Eat and sleep well. You should prepare not just your mind, but your body as well. Good eat and sleep are the main tools for this. They will make you healthy and strong, leaving no chances for your pre-trip anxiety.
And the last thing you should do is believing! Believe in yourself, believe that everything will be fine, – and your worries will go away.

How to be sure that everything will be fine?

Each and every trip that you are planning is a sort of mystery for us. When we come to the new places, all we can do is discovering something new: visiting new places and meeting new people. That’s why some risk is present in any journey we have. How can you be sure that everything would be fine? Well, let’s find out more about it.

The question for the answer, asked above, is obvious. For making sure that your journey will be great, you should make a good plan for the first 24 hours after your arrival. As the practice shows, this period of time is the most difficult one for the travellers. You should realize that it’s a new place and that it’s still safe for you.

Your plan should include several main points, like:

  • finding a place where to stay;
  • choosing the way to get cash (use ATM or carry it with yourself, which is not recommended);
  • taking care of transportation.

For example, you should know exactly the way you will be able to get from the airport to the hotel. This plan will be your roadmap for the first time.

However, you should also remember that some problems may always happen. It means that you should always have your ‘plan B’ in emergency case. For example, you should have 2 different sources of cash as a minimum, in case you will lose one of them.

The more emergency situations you will be prepared for, the better your journey will be.

The best gift ideas for the travellers (Part 1)

Are you looking for a perfect gift for someone, who travels a lot? Well, don’t panic. Travellers are some sort of special people, who are opened to some new emotions and feelings; who adore discovering new things and getting new experiences. That’s why presenting something ordinary is not the option. Let’s better find out more information about original things which will be useful for any trip.

1.LifeStraw Filtered Bottle

Can you provide a travel-lover with an amount of water that will be enough for the next several years of travelling? Well, sure you can’t. But you still can present a really useful gadget that is able to make any water clear enough for the consumption. We are talking about the LifeStraw Filtered Bottle.

It’s a precious gift for a person, who travels some places, where the people suffer from the lack of drinking water. This bottle is able to clean up 99.9% of all parasites and bacteria. No need to say that after this procedure the water is ready to be drunk.

2.Foldable Duffel Bag

The idea of the next thing that may be gifted to the person you love is amazingly simple and genius at the same time. It’s a bag that contains another bag, which can be detached and used separately. It will be useful when you need to go for groceries or to the beach, carrying minimum with yourself. It’s something like an additional small bag for all your needs, provided with the main bag.

The best gift ideas for the travellers (Part 2)

We continue our list of useful gifts for travellers. The next item in it is a gadget that helps people, who are using any electronic device on their trip, whether it’s camera or smartphone.

3.It’s called Anker Powercore and it’s really convenient for usage anywhere: the device is about the size of your credit card. However, it’s able to charge your mobile up to three times! It’s really a ‘must have the ’ tiny thing for any traveller in the world.

4.Have you ever heard of travelling pillows? They are used for making your sleep more comfortable during a trip. The principle of their functioning is simple as well: they are small, light and convenient. The pillow which we are going to discuss in this article combines all of the qualities in itself, being super useful. It is called Trtl Travel Pillow and it’s represented as a neck-brace. You just tie it around your neck and have a deep and comfortable sleep.

5.Do you know this feeling when your laptop has to low sound volume while watching the movie with other people in the room? If yes, you should probably look at this Sony Bluetooth Speaker and present it to your close friend who understands this feeling as well. It’s compact, but powerful enough to be taken on any trip. It uses Bluetooth connection to be synchronized with your smartphone or player. At the same time, it’s hardy enough due to its opportunity to work for about 12 hours.