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The main tip on how to start travelling for students

Being a student is probably the best thing in the world! You are so young and beautiful, and the whole big new world is open for you. You are inspired and amazed, you have so many questions, as well as so many things to discover… That’s why travelling is one of the most popular trends among students. Young people love changing places, visiting new countries, meeting new people. But the only thing that is difficult for the majority of students is earning money. Yes, you don’t have some high-paying job yet, so, as a rule, students don’t have enough money for travelling.

Fortunately, today visiting new places is much cheaper, than it was earlier. With a lot of modern IT solutions, like AirBnB or BlaBlaCar, getting somewhere became affordable. It’s only up to your choice and will. All of them have the aim to make your expenses on travelling lower while getting more emotions and experience instead. So why don’t you try?

Different travellers say that visiting new places is easier when you are young. You are less busy, more healthy and more curious about the things around you. That’s why you can simply start travelling right now. Schedule your trip, create a plan with the countries you’d like to visit and do it! Getting somewhere is more difficult with time, so now it’s the best time, believe it! Think about it and about the duties that you are going to have in the future. That may be your motivation to start.

Best travel jobs to make money

Travelling used to be considered as a way to spend time with pleasure. But at the same time, it’s an opportunity to earn some money if you are interested in this. Here we’d like to provide you with some effective ways to make some cash even if you are visiting foreign countries.

1.Expat jobs

Expat jobs (‘expat’ is for ‘expatriate’) are the kind of jobs which require you to work in some foreign country, while you remain as a citizen of your own country. For example, it’s a really cool way to become an English teacher or a nanny or be invited in some other service or company to help people. Expat jobs are also pretty popular in the sphere of tourism.

2.Digital business

You may become a person, who is involved in digital business in some way. For example, you are working as a freelancer, doing some writing/coding/designing, etc. Also, the example for digital business may be your website or your agency or some other source of generating income.


These are the people who also have various ways of generating income. However, they are not involved in the ‘digital’ niche, doing some other kind of work. For example, a foreigner, who is a street musician or a vendor is a great example of vagabonds.

Best jobs

There are some really cool jobs for those, who used to live travelling. Being a bartender, a travel tour guide, a fitness instructor, or a massage therapist may really bring you some cash for your additional expenses.

Useful tips for making great photos while travelling

Photography is one of the most popular kinds of art. It is literally everywhere around us, starting from the ads on the streets and ending with the social networks. Making good photos is a precious skill, which is fully appreciated by people. If you are a photographer, who manages to do some cool pictures, you and the results of your work may be appreciated by people even more. In this article, we’d like to tell you more about the way to make really great photos in your trip.

So, the first thing you should realize is that waking up early is necessary for taking the best photos. If you are a photographer, you should know that it’s all about the light. Morning sun is perfect for making the ‘right’ colour atmosphere of your pictures. So don’t miss it, lying in bed!

The same thing relates to the evening pictures – as a rule, they are also the best ones.

The second advice concerns making a small research of the place where you go to. Before coming anywhere, you should read some information about this place first. Another great way to find out more about this is asking your friends and reading some forums, blogs or reviews. It will allow you to understand, where is the best place to make the best photo.

Another interesting tip for making great pictures is learning someone other’s photos, posted on Instagram and Google Image Search. It may inspire you for creating some new colourful images for your project.

How to travel to Cuba?

Cuba is a country with a quite strange history. While it’s so close to the United States, it was controlled by the communists, what made the country much less developed than it probably could be. Also, there is an issue in the relationship between Cuba and the USA. In 1960 the US imposed an embargo against Cuba after the nationalization of the American oil without any compensation. This story leads to the restriction for the Americans to visit Cuba. Formally it’s active even today. As a result, it became quite difficult for the citizens of the United States to visit Cuba. But it’s still possible.

There are different ways you can reach Cuba. The first one is getting a special license, which confirms that you have some reasons for visiting this country. It should be registered by the US Government. Another way is creating some cultural basis for getting there, like some volunteering or helping to the local society. This is also used as a formal reason to visit the country. Finally, you can simply come to Cuba illegally from Canada or Mexico. Of course, this method is recommended for you only if you don’t have any other chance to come to the country.

The travelling to Cuba itself isn’t that expensive. You need to buy Cuban tourist visa for $20 USD at the airport. The trip can cost you as low as $240 USD (a budget flight from Cancun to Havana). Soon some commercial US flight companies are going to offer their services as well, what may decrease the cost.

Make your date flexible

Every experienced traveller knows, how important is having flexible dates. Read more in this article what we mean and how it can be useful for you.

Let’s imagine, that you are planning your trip. You can use two different ways for scheduling your journey – the first is setting the dates and searching for the tickets. The second is searching for the tickets and setting the dates. Do you see the difference? It may sound not so important, but it actually can save you some cash.

It’s not a secret, that tickets can have a different price, depending on the date you choose. For example, on Thursday your bus ticket will cost less, than on Friday or Saturday, due to the number of people, who are going to buy it. As you don’t have any harsh frames in planning your journey, you can change the time borders of your trip. As a result, going one day later or earlier is not so important, but it saves a money for you, allowing to extend the travelling.

This approach works also when we talk about the place you are going to visit. Sometimes it’s cheaper to move to the city, other than you were going to move to earlier. So it costs less as well. The main principle leaves without any change – try to fix your plans according to the prices you see. In the result, it reduces your expenses, though you still have a lot of fun and pleasure, seeing other countries and people.