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How to find cheap airline tickets?

The most expensive part of the travelling, in most cases, is flight. It’s not a surprise, because the airline tickets costs more, than you spend on renting some apartments or buying food. That’s why it’s so important to find cheap tickets. Fortunately, today there is a bunch of services, allowing you to find a flight ticket everywhere you want. In this article we’d like to look through some of them.

Search engines

There are some special search engines, navigating the most affordable plane tickets. Such services use special filters, which allow you finding tickets to any city you need. Using them, you can save decent amount of money. The most famous services of this type include Google Flights, Kayak, Skyscanner, JetRadar. Some of them even calculate the final price for each seat.

Alert services

Another category of services are the ones, using special alerts. They notify users via email or any other affordable way about the cheap flights, which are going to be launched in the nearest future. HolidayPirates, SecretFlying, TheFlightDeal and others belong to this category.

Airline newsletters

Some of the airline companies offer special prices for flights to their loyal clients, using mailing lists. That’s why we advise you to subscribe their news and watch some ‘delicious’ deals for booking. Some tickets can be offered with a 50%-discount of even more. You can get all of the interesting offers directly to your mail box with such services.

And, of course, be ready to buy the ticket you’ll consider to be affordable!

Best travel jobs you could only imagine

There is a category of jobs, which allow you to earn money, even when you are travelling! It’s a great way to combine your adventures and the source of income to make money for a living. In this article we are going to discuss some of them.


You can translate any language to other one, using just your laptop and a stable internet-connection! Besides, you can do it from any place in the world! The only requirement is speaking any other language, except of your mothertongue.

2.Travel tour guide

The same kind of job, as a translator – but you should communicate with the tourists, speaking any other language, except of your motherlanguage, as well.

3.Hotel staff

Hotels are presented anywhere in the world. All of them work thanks to the personnel, who does some regular duties. You can try yourself as a waiter or a footman, as you wish.

4.English teacher

If you speak English well enough, you can visit any foreign country as an English teacher. You will either get some money for living there, or teach kids or adults to speak the most popular language in the world.

5.Massage therapist

You don’t even need to speak any other language – just learn how to do a great, relaxing massage – and you’ll get some job!

6.Online jobs

You can be a copywriter, a web designer or even a software developer, if you want to. All you need, again, is just a laptop, an internet-connection and some skills.

Top-3 best travel movies to watch

Travelling is a great way to spend your time and enjoy some new emotions. But you don’t have always enough time/opportunities/desire for this. For those, who prefer visiting some new places without leaving your sofa, a list of the best filming movies is presented. Let’s find, which films you should watch next time.

1.The Motorcycle diaries

The first movie you should definitely watch next time is ‘The Motorcycle diaries’, which is a story about two medical students. They are the travellers, who have a motorcycle trip, lasting for about 5 months. They run across South America for training their medical skills, volunteering and helping people. This film brings much joy for those, who are interested in adventures and new places.

2.Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This film tells us the story of an introverted person, who realises, that his life is too boring. He quites his job and moves to the trip from Iceland to Afghanistan. On his way, Walter meets new people, enjoys incredible landscapes and gets new challenges. This film has a great inspirational effect on everyone.

3.A Map for Saturday

It’s a classical travel movie, which is filmed as a documentary. It shows us a man, who quites his job as well for travelling around the world. Some different ways of travelling are mentioned in this picture, which is a great inspiration for those, who are still dreaming about changing their life and devoting it to visiting other countries.

Which GoPro accessories you need most? (Part 2)

As you can remember, in the previous article we described some useful accessories, which can assist you with your GoPro camera. Today we’d like to continue and to extend the given list. So, here are some more tools, which can help you take a nice picture.

  • Camera Extender

Under such an unusual and ‘difficult’ word, a simple ‘silfie stick’ is presented. It’s widely used with our smartphones for taking selfies, so such an accessory is also a good solution for the breathtaking photos of your trips and travels. So we’d like to advise to purchase one as well.

  • Surf Mount

If you are fond of surfing, this extension for your GoPro is definitely a ‘must-have’ one. It’s cheap (for about $10-15) and simple (you just attach it to your surfboard. But the photos of your surfing, taken with its help, are amazing!

  • Anti-fog solution

Travelling around the world with your cam brings a great pleasure, which can be spoiled with fog. As the result, you won’t see anything, pictured with your camera. Besides, it may bring harm to your GoPro as well. Anti-fog accessories allow you to be sure, that your cam will work properly in any weather conditions.

  • Chest Mounts

Attaching the camera to your helmet is good, but sometimes it’s better to film from another point – from your chest. A chest mount, which connects to the strap of your backpack, is a perfect solution for this. You can film much more with it, keeping your hands free!

Which GoPro accessories you need most? (Part 1)

Any traveller knows, how important is filming of your adventures. It allows you to take precious shots with minimum efforts. However, your adventures may take place in several weather/climate conditions, which can harm your GoPro. Besides, you may need an additional protection for your cam, or any kind of device, which would allow you to take some better shots. The GoPro accessories exist for these tasks. We’d like to list some of the most necessary of them in this article.

1.Red filter for diving

Diving in ocean can bring you many amazing pictures, if you don’t forget your GoPro. However, if you want your breathtaking photos to be of a proper quality, you should definitely use a red filter for diving. It replaces some red hues, making your pictures less blue. Instead of a plain color, this filter makes all of the objects you want to film clear and visible.

2.Sticky mounts

No matter, what you would like to film, – you need some adhesive mounts, in order to place your cam onto something. The process of their installation is quite simple – just let the adhesive be set for 7-8 hours and you can use it on any surface you want. Besides, it can be easily removed in the future with just a credit card and a hair dryer.

3.Safety leashes

Many GoPro accessories are created for providing you with an additional safety for your cam. There is no wonder in this – its price can reach up to $400. One of the most simple, but good-working one is safety wrist leash. It fixes your cam on your wrist, protecting it from falling down. If you shoot the rock-climbing, this tool is your best choice.