Airline Luggage Tips

Traveling by a plane is far more complicated than traveling by bus or train. Air companies have specific sets of rules that refer to luggage. Some of the following tips should help you avoid possible problems passengers can have with carry-on or checked luggage.

• Customize the look

This one is easy – customize the look of your bag to make it easy to identify. Many bags on a flight have a similar design, so try to customize your bag to make it easy to spot on a baggage carousel. This will keep other passengers from picking your bag up by mistake (it will also keep you from picking up the wrong bag). Also, don’t forget to put your contact info inside and outside of every bag.

• Keep valuable items with you

And by “valuable items” we don’t mean only jewelry, but also money, your laptop, electronic files and any other item that means a lot to you. You should keep these objects in a carry-on bag, preferably inside one that is small enough to be stored under a seat.

• Don’t panic

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with lost luggage – don’t panic! Try to keep all important things with you, and also prepare yourself for an unwanted situation. Pack a pair of pants, an extra shirt and underwear with you, just in case your bag gets lost. By doing this you’ll have something clean to wear until you find a way to deal with your lost bag.

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