The best places for solo travelling

Many people, who have their friends and family, dream of travelling solo. It’s an unusual experience that may bring you great pleasure and fun. Here is the list of places, worth solo travelling to.

New Zealand

Would you like to see one of the most relaxing landscapes in the world? Beautiful mountains, covered with grass and the ocean around. The crime rates here are low and the country is English-speaking. What do you need for having more pleasure?


This country is located in another part of the world, then NZ. But it still has a lot of interesting things to see. It’s safe, has a lot of bike roads and is proud of its ancestors – Vikings, who built many fortresses and castles.


This destination is extremely popular among the solo travellers due to many activities that are available here. You can stay on amazing beaches, enjoy yoga on a lonely island, visit beautiful tropical towns and taste some delicious fruits.


This is one of the safest countries in South Africa. It has a lot of things to demonstrate you, including glaciers, beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains. We recommend you learn some basic phrases in Spanish before going here.


Another interesting country not far from Europe is Israel. It’s a popular destination, known for its holy places and beautiful fortresses. The security here is high, so millions of people visit this country each year. You can go to modern Tel Aviv, ancient Jerusalem or visit the town of Eilat if you want.


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