Important tips for travelling alone

Travelling alone (or as it is called ‘solo travel’) is a popular trend among travellers. Many people, no matter how old they are, prefer travelling alone due to many reasons. Some of them want to feel new emotions and get new experiences; others – simply to get a rest from their environment. Single travel is spread even among those, who are not single in their usual lives!

This way of discovering new places may be awesome, but you still should follow some simple rules, in order to enjoy your travelling as much as possible. Here they are.

1.Be careful.

Solo travel means that you have nobody to help you, instead of you. It means that you shouldn’t risk too much. This may include getting drunk with unfamiliar people, using some extreme ways to get somewhere, etc.

2.Don’t believe anybody.

Scammers are everywhere in the world. They may be charming and look attractively, but their main aim is the same: they want to get your money and precious gear. Be careful 24/7 with the people, who surround you.

3.Keep your money on cards.

Don’t risk, carrying your savings in cash. You should split your finances, putting them on different cards. You should have a small amount of cash to pay the taxi driver, for example.

4.Don’t look like a tourist.

Tourists are the most attractive aim for scammers. That’s why your best option is becoming not so noticeable, looking like a local (or trying to).

These tips are basic. We’ll add them up in the next articles.

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