Couchsurfing for exploring the world

Most of the people, who’d like to visit a new country, are stopped by the extremely high expenses, which they should face to. Even if you are ready to travel with your backpack only, you must pay either for your tickets or for your place to stay at. The rest of your expenses are less significant. However, you can save some money, if you use an alternative to the classical approach to staying at hotels and motels. Couchsurfing is such an alternative.

It’s a community of people, who are glad to share their apartments with strangers from all over the world. The principle of its work is simple: you just create your account on couchsurfing website, set the information, concerning your apartments (which you are ready to share) and wait for people, visiting your country, to apply for staying at your room/house. All of the services are provided for free. However, in order to be able to travel somewhere, you should also be able to offer your couches to someone else.

There are a lot of benefits of such travelling. First of all, you save your money, avoiding hotels and other kinds of rent-based solutions. Secondly, you meet new people, who stay with your for several days. They tell you about their culture, they bring you some presents, they offer you visiting their country as well. It’s a great experience and a nice way to make new friends with someone from abroad.

Travelling can be much cheaper and more interesting, if you do couchsurfing!

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