Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Many waterfalls across America can be easily found and visited, but many of them stay hidden, too, mostly due to their location. It is not easy to count them all, but the majority of them have been discovered and are available for people to enjoy. Shoshone Falls is one of them. Located in Idaho, people usually don’t struggle too much to find this gorgeous body of water. The thing is – it’s located near Twin Falls. No, this is not some other waterfall – it’s the name of the nearest city. And when people travel to Shoshone Falls by themselves, road signs indicating that they are close to Twin Falls often make them question whether they’ve made a wrong turn somewhere. But there is no need to worry – the right way lies just ahead.

Skeptics would probably assume that waterfalls aren’t “civilized” places, but many falls prove them wrong. A highly developed network of trading facilities, stores, services and centers can be found near the falls. In the end, if this doesn’t make you happy, you can simply get in your car and go to the nearest town (which happens to be Twin falls, you’ve guessed it).

People addicted to adrenaline know how good it feels when it starts pumping through your veins. Well, one person surely did know that. It’s Evel Knievel. 40 years ago, he jumped off of a 500-foot-deep cliff with his steam-powered skycycle, which he wanted to test. The device didn’t work properly, so he started falling. His parachute didn’t open, so he eventually crashed. But the end was a happy one – he survived with only a broken nose. And, to honor his attempt, the place where he jumped has become a very popular tourist attraction. Keep in mind that this place is today on private property, so if you want to visit it, remember that you cannot come whenever you want.  Visiting Shoshone Falls and not visiting this jump site would be a terrible mistake, mostly because this place is one of the main reasons why people decide to come to the falls.

For adventurers, there is a lake near Shoshone Falls that offers the ultimate outdoor recreation. If you like unusual sports, then climbing (real) mountains is just perfect for you. You don’t have to bring your own equipment – you will get everything there. Alongside the equipment, you will get your “guardian” – a perfectly trained member of the staff whose mission will be to make sure that you are safe while climbing. Climbing is a very simple sport, but if you are still struggling with it, you can ask the staff to help you with the basics. This climbing center works from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and the only fee you’ll need to pay is the one for a parking spot.

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