4 things you shouldn’t wear on a plane

If you are going to visit some remote places, you definitely need to use flight service. Here is some advice on what to wear for people, who are going to have a plane flight.

1.Tight clothing

It’s a well-known fact that tight clothes restrict blood flow. As a result, you may feel bad in an already-confining aeroplane space. You’d better pick some natural, breathable things that would make you feel much more comfortable.

2.High heels are not good for flight

We know that your style requires wearing high heels, but you should make an exception. During the flight, your high heels will cause pains for your toes. Besides, you don’t know exactly the distance between the plane and a flight terminal that you’ll have to walk through. So, picking some comfortable shoes for the flight will be the best option.

3.Don’t use perfumes before flight

You don’t know, whether your seatmate in a plane likes the smell of your perfumes or not. The flight will last for several hours, so please, make sure that you don’t wear any cologne. The best option is having clean, fresh clothing without any smell.

4.Warm-weather clothing

The temperature in the plane during the flight may change. That’s why you can’t predict exactly the way you will feel yourself: whether it will be cold or hot. So, it’s better to use some layers. Covering with them allows regulating the temperature of your body more effectively.

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