The best gift ideas for the travellers (Part 1)

Are you looking for a perfect gift for someone, who travels a lot? Well, don’t panic. Travellers are some sort of special people, who are opened to some new emotions and feelings; who adore discovering new things and getting new experiences. That’s why presenting something ordinary is not the option. Let’s better find out more information about original things which will be useful for any trip.

1.LifeStraw Filtered Bottle

Can you provide a travel-lover with an amount of water that will be enough for the next several years of travelling? Well, sure you can’t. But you still can present a really useful gadget that is able to make any water clear enough for the consumption. We are talking about the LifeStraw Filtered Bottle.

It’s a precious gift for a person, who travels some places, where the people suffer from the lack of drinking water. This bottle is able to clean up 99.9% of all parasites and bacteria. No need to say that after this procedure the water is ready to be drunk.

2.Foldable Duffel Bag

The idea of the next thing that may be gifted to the person you love is amazingly simple and genius at the same time. It’s a bag that contains another bag, which can be detached and used separately. It will be useful when you need to go for groceries or to the beach, carrying minimum with yourself. It’s something like an additional small bag for all your needs, provided with the main bag.

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