Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan

National parks all around the world represent the most beautiful treasure of many countries. One of the most beautiful national parks in the world is Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It is divided into four general areas:

1. Mount Fuji area,
2. Hakone area,
3. Izu Peninsula,
4. Izu Islands.

This enormous national park covers an area of 1,227 square kilometers (or 474 square miles). With an area so big, it’s no surprise to hear that the farthest point south (the isle of Hachijo-jima) is several hundred kilometers away from Mount Fuji. It’s obvious that Fuji – Hakone – Izu National Park will take up several days of your time if you want to see every corner of it.

It’s impossible not to notice the giant volcano on Mount Fuji – it’s 12,000 feet high and it dominates the view in this national park. Also, it is often shrouded in clouds in the spring and summer, which makes it perfect for taking some breathtaking photographs. Depending on the sun, it may seem like this volcano is changing colors during the day. This makes it perfect for inspiration seekers. In fact, many poets and artists actually come to Fuji – Hakone – Izu National Park in order to find an inspiration for their new masterpiece.

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