Protect your skin while travelling

When you go into a trip, you don’t think about the protection of your skin, as a rule. You think about some clothes, some most-needed things, some medicines and so on. However, protecting your skin from the sun radiation is no less important task, especially if you are going to visit some hot countries with sunny weather.

The sun radiation is everywhere. Even in the cloudy weather, some radiation rays access our planet, affecting our body and our skin.

Scientists claim that there may be different results of sun affection on our skin. From aging processes to cancer – all of these problems may be caused by the sun. It’s especially dangerous if you have a light skin – the most vulnerable skin type. However, it’s so simple to protect your skin – just use sun protection on your journey!

Any sun protective spray has its own SPF-value. It shows the level of protection, measured in the value between 10-15 to 85-90. The higher this value is – the more protected your skin will be.

Different experienced travel bloggers advice to take sun protection anywhere you go. It takes just a few minutes to put spray or cream on your face and be sure, that you won’t get burned. The SPF level should be picked according to the type of a skin you have,the higher it is – the higher your cream sun protection factor should be. Following this simple rule will save your face skin on any trip!


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