The Millennium Park, Chicago

Visiting Chicago and not going to the Millennium Park would be a terrible mistake! This park’s beauty and unique spirit will seduce you and make you stay there longer than planned. It’s never boring – thousands of people visit it every day. Many events are organized during the year, so the time of your trip is not particularly important – there will always be something to amuse you.

The Cloud Gate (The Bean)

But, if it should happen that there are no exhibits organized when you visit the Park, don’t be desperate. There is one structure that will surely impress you; yes, you’re right – I’m thinking about the Cloud Gate (also known as The Bean). Kids simply love it, but if you’re not a kid, then this “cloud” will make you feel like one all over again. It weighs around 110 tons and is made from stainless steel plates (many people describe it like a giant curved mirror). In fact, you can actually see your reflection (to be honest, you’ll probably look strange) and it will immediately brighten up your day. Its construction is very complicated and it was made from pieces, but that’s something you won’t notice, because it looks like it was made from just one piece.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Are you a big music fan? You like to listen to it all day and all night? You’d feel bored if visiting the Millennium Park did not include music? Then you don’t have to worry! In the center of the park a specific acoustic shell (bandshell) can be found. This pavilion is capable of hosting around 11 000 people at once: yes, you read it well – 4000 seats, as well as space for 7000 more people more is provided. Does this tell you something about the overall size of this park?

Do you fancy classical music? Great! This place is the home of America’s only free outdoor classical music orchestra. Besides classical music, this pavilion also hosts different music festivals and genres, and occasionally even fitness activities (such as yoga) – perfect for recreation in the summertime.

Lurie Garden

When you hear that the Lurie Garden is a public garden, you probably think it’s a garden just like any other. But this one has something that makes it unique – its size. The Lurie Garden is spread across more than 10 000 square meters of surface (impressive, right?) Just imagine the effort and the time people spend to make the flowers look ‘’alive’’. Watering a garden this big is not an easy job, so a complicated system needed to be developed. The end result is a colorful combination of flowers and trees that create the largest green roof on the planet.

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