Use bloggers to find out more

When we talk about getting more information about any place, we mention some locals in most of times. We mean meeting an ordinary person, asking him or her about the way of their living, ask them to show some interesting places in their city, etc. In the most cases talking to locals is the riches source of a knowledge for travellers.

On the other hand, sometimes locals won’t show you some special places, because they don’t visit them by themselves. In such cases we’d like to advice you to stick to some blogger, who is familiar with the city much better. These people will be able to tell you much more anyway!

Most of the travelling tips don’t mention this, but contacting the bloggers is a great way of learning something extraordinary. They are also familiar with some social problems, their scales and reasons. And, frankly speaking, contacting with a blogger may be better for you due to the simplicity of the way to find and ask them. All you need to do is writing to a person before you arrive there. In most cases they’ll agree with you to have a cup of coffee and chat a little in some coffeeshop.

The great benefit would be having a blog, running by you. If you’ve got such one, your meeting would be even more productive! You could make a guest posts in your blogs, or exchange with some links, tips or experience in your blogging practice. So that it’s much better, than just asking locals!

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