4 useful tips for the introvert travellers

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you can’t meet new people, visit some interesting places and enjoy an amazing travelling. You go into solo travelling and do this stuff, but you need to hear this advice first. They are targeted on the introvert travellers, just like you and I are.

Time to ‘Turn off’ is OK

Introverts may have some active periods when they are ready for communications, meetings and other forms of contact with the surrounding world. But any introvert needs to have some time to ‘Turn off’. To be left alone and to relax without new meetings and dialogues.

You should plan your trip in such a way, that you could afford such time to ‘Turn off’ when it’s needed.

Skip AirB&B, BlaBlaCar and couch surfing

All of the mentioned above and other services allow getting some service cheaper. In such way you can save your money, using someone else’s car or home. But if you are an introvert, you may feel tired of such communal living or travelling. So, think well before you use any of these services.

Use solo activities to relax

If you came to a new place with a group of friends, you still have an opportunity to enjoy your loneliness. For example, a morning run or going to gym may be great excuses.

Feel free to communicate when it’s needed

There are a lot of ways to ‘isolate’ yourself and stop talking to others. But you should remember that introverts don’t necessary go alone everywhere. Sometimes we need communication as well. So, feel free to talk to anyone when you’d like to.


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