The best gift ideas for the travellers (Part 2)

We continue our list of useful gifts for travellers. The next item in it is a gadget that helps people, who are using any electronic device on their trip, whether it’s camera or smartphone.

3.It’s called Anker Powercore and it’s really convenient for usage anywhere: the device is about the size of your credit card. However, it’s able to charge your mobile up to three times! It’s really a ‘must have the ’ tiny thing for any traveller in the world.

4.Have you ever heard of travelling pillows? They are used for making your sleep more comfortable during a trip. The principle of their functioning is simple as well: they are small, light and convenient. The pillow which we are going to discuss in this article combines all of the qualities in itself, being super useful. It is called Trtl Travel Pillow and it’s represented as a neck-brace. You just tie it around your neck and have a deep and comfortable sleep.

5.Do you know this feeling when your laptop has to low sound volume while watching the movie with other people in the room? If yes, you should probably look at this Sony Bluetooth Speaker and present it to your close friend who understands this feeling as well. It’s compact, but powerful enough to be taken on any trip. It uses Bluetooth connection to be synchronized with your smartphone or player. At the same time, it’s hardy enough due to its opportunity to work for about 12 hours.

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