How to travel to Cuba?

Cuba is a country with a quite strange history. While it’s so close to the United States, it was controlled by the communists, what made the country much less developed than it probably could be. Also, there is an issue in the relationship between Cuba and the USA. In 1960 the US imposed an embargo against Cuba after the nationalization of the American oil without any compensation. This story leads to the restriction for the Americans to visit Cuba. Formally it’s active even today. As a result, it became quite difficult for the citizens of the United States to visit Cuba. But it’s still possible.

There are different ways you can reach Cuba. The first one is getting a special license, which confirms that you have some reasons for visiting this country. It should be registered by the US Government. Another way is creating some cultural basis for getting there, like some volunteering or helping to the local society. This is also used as a formal reason to visit the country. Finally, you can simply come to Cuba illegally from Canada or Mexico. Of course, this method is recommended for you only if you don’t have any other chance to come to the country.

The travelling to Cuba itself isn’t that expensive. You need to buy Cuban tourist visa for $20 USD at the airport. The trip can cost you as low as $240 USD (a budget flight from Cancun to Havana). Soon some commercial US flight companies are going to offer their services as well, what may decrease the cost.

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