Switzerland – The Home Of Chocolate

Vacations – where would we be without them? All year round you’re working hard, struggling to keep your job, maybe hunting for a promotion; basically you’re all work and no play. Finally, when you earn some time off, on one hand you feel like getting away from the office, the city, the desk job, and just letting go, relaxing with your friends or loved ones, maybe exploring some nature, and recharging your batteries. On the other hand, however, you also don’t feel like going all Bear Grylls on your family and taking them on an exotic jungle adventure of some sort (not yet, at least). So, if this sounds about right for you, maybe you should consider taking a trip to a country that can provide you with a little bit of both – Switzerland.

Switzerland is located in central and western Europe, and it borders countries like France, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Italy. The capital city is Bern, but other major cities you can visit are Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Sent Galen, Luzern etc. The official languages spoken are predominantly German, but also Italian, French and Romansh, and those are also the main four cultural and linguistic regions that the country consists of.

An interesting fact you’ve probably already heard of – Switzerland has not been at war (intentionally) since 1815. On the other hand, it has constantly participated in processes aimed at building peace worldwide. Another interesting fact – Switzerland is the country in which the Red Cross was born.

Seeing how the Swiss train system is well organized, punctual and reliable, it presents an almost ideal way of traveling through Switzerland. I say “almost” because it is not perfect – in a country that has the valleys, gorges and overall scenery and natural landscapes such as Switzerland, some may consider it a sin not to experience all that natural beauty first hand. You have the option of purchasing some of the best footpath maps in the world and hiking for several miles (as many as you feel comfortable) a day. The hiking trails will take you over mountains, through forests and valleys, where you will be able to see breathtaking scenery and Mother Nature’s architectural creativity and design first hand. You will also be safe, since more than 60000 kilometers of hiking trails are documented, well maintained and marked clearly.

Finally, I would like to recommend some places you should definitely visit during your trip to the land of chocolate and watches:
• Rhine Falls – one of the largest and unusual falls in all of Europe;
• Spiez – in the most beautiful bay of Europe, the loveliest postcard picture town;
• Zermatt – at the very base of the legendary Matterhorn, one of the widely known mountain resorts;
• Grindenwald – also a very famous mountain resort located in the Swiss Alps.

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