Things that you shouldn’t wear when travelling

What are you going to wear when you go to another country? Did you think well about this question?

If you are going to visit the country with the same culture, there won’t be problems with your outlook. But if you are a westerner, who is going to visit some far countries, we should warn you a little. Here is a list of things that you shouldn’t wear while travelling.

1.Flashy jewelry

The reason for leaving your expensive jewellery at home is simple. Tourists are #1 target for thieves anywhere in the world. Rich tourist with lots of jewellery is the even more attractive target. That’s why we recommend you refusing to take jewellery with yourself before going to trip.

2.Religiously immodest things

It depends on the countries you are going to visit. But if you are planning to visit some churches or mosques, you should think forward about the clothes you are going to take. Also if you are going to visit some religious countries, you should learn more about their traditions and things that are allowed to wear.

3.Sneakers and open-toe shoes

Wearing sneakers is acceptable for the sports activities only. Open-toe shoes are not good because they are not comfortable for walking. So, your best option is taking a comfortable and good-looking shoes.


A hanging camera is a typical symbol of a tourist. And as we know, tourists are the #1 targets for thieves. That’s why you’d better use your smartphone for making instant photos.

And, finally, the general recommendation is to wear clothes in the way locals do it. You will feel yourself comfortable if you look like a local in any country where you go.


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