Traveling With Pets

People often consider their pets to be a part of their family. So, it’s understandable why it can be really hard to leave them behind when you need to leave town. But, traveling with pets is not as easy as it seems. Here are some tips that can be helpful when you’re planning a trip with your pet.

Go to the vet

A few weeks before your trip, take your pet to the vet to complete a physical check and necessary vaccinations. Every place has its specific requests, so you need to check that first and act accordingly. The vet will also tell you whether your pet should go on the trip with you or not.


Your pet should have an ID collar with your name and phone number on it, just in case he gets lost. Also, take a picture of it, so you can show it to people if you lose your pet from your site. Of course, proof of vaccination and proper licenses for the pet are mandatory wherever you go, especially across the border.

Pets and airplanes

If you’re traveling by airplane, make sure that the travel agent has notified you about your pet’s reservation. This is important because many airlines limit the number of animals on a flight. Pet carrier is required. Also, dogs and cats need to be at least eight weeks old before flying.

Pets and cars

The ultimate rule here is – never live the pet alone in the car! Many pets die each year because their owners forget them in their car. Cars are a dangerous place especially for dogs and cats, who can’t stand high and low temperatures. So, be very careful with this.

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