The A to Z of Glamping

For ages, the great outdoors have been associated with ‘roughing it’, cold nights and possibly the risk of running into some fierce wildlife while you at it. This has made it a pastime that is endearing only to those with a deep passion for nature and the environment. However, as of late, a new form of outdoor excursion has gained appeal with both the young and the old. This new age activity is known as Glamping, a combination of luxury and exploration of the outdoors.

It is to be understood that glamping isn’t merely about putting together camping and glamour. There is an eccentric mix of nostalgia and trendiness that often appeals to younger generation travelers. One basically gets the amenities and provisions that would normally be found in a five star hotel, with the clean and fresh surrounds that characterize untouched forestry.

There are a number of choices that come with glamping. These range from the more traditional tent setup to eco pods and yurts. The one characteristic that they all share is lavishness. Emphasis is put on both the interior and exterior of the accommodation units, resulting in a settlement that is alluring both aesthetically and ergonomically.

The exploration options that arise from glamping have resulted in the practice catching like wildfire all over the world. It offers a versatile and adaptable experience which caters for a range of needs from romantic getaways to bush safaris. Because there is no complicated infrastructure required, visitors can also settle in an isolated Riviera, for instance, and still be able to update the world about your sojourning on social media, through unlimited access to wifi.

Another aspect of glamping is the fact that it champions environmentally friendly habits. This ensures a minimal negative impact on the surrounding environs as compared to vast luxury resort areas. Most service providers of glamping facilities also embrace eco – friendly practices such as utilizing reusable materials and making use of designated campsites. In all it can be said that glamping solves the challenges usually associated with regular tourism, while satisfying even the most demanding tastes.

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